No FOMO, just real YOLO

Don’t miss out. But don’t have the “Fear Of Missing Out” FOMO syndrome that everyone seems to have nowadays. From the music festivals to the latest food trends to every new “cool thing” that comes out on Instagram, people have the desire to be in the IN more than actually experiencing whatever is trending. Did you really get the Cronut to eat it or to post the fact that you had it on social media (hoping for at least 50 likes with your witty hashtags)? Are you checking out the latest art exhibit to take that new profile picture or to be immersed and emotionally moved by the art?

In other words, do you “suffer” from FOMO, and as a result YOLO? To be fair, I think we all have a bit of YOLO and FOMO within us, and sometimes a little FOMO can push us to try new experiences we wouldn’t otherwise. But it’s when they cross paths for the wrong reasons that one should tread carefully. Here’s my breakdown:

YOLO: You only live once so therefore do whatever the heck your heart desires
Warning: Can lead to or become reckless behavior in matters of the head, the heart and the body.

FOMO: Fear of missing out so you have to do this THING, whatever that thing is
Warning: Can lead to YOLO to compensate for this phobia.

How much are you really YOLOing because of FOMO when you need to snapchat everything and find the perfect filters for your photos?

I challenge us all to live more in the actual moment, one captured by our physical beings, emotional reactions and our senses. To be in the space of our REAL and not digital world without our screens all the time. To interact with one another in the simplest and deepest ways possible. To see, feel, hear, touch, taste the world and just enjoying doing that without any need to feel good about it – it being the most natural human idea of experience. Now that’s real YOLO. Don’t miss out.